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Cold Canapés


Oyster with Thai spices
Oyster with 'Bloody Mary' topping
Oyster with Mediterranean salsa
Oysters chili mayonnaise
Oysters wasabi mayonnaise
Oysters on rye raspberry vinaigrette
Poached prawn on crispy mushroom bread
Chili Prawns, avocado mousse on crispy ciabatta
Cajun prawn on corn bread sweet salsa
Prawn and basil roulade
Prawn and ginger rice paper wrappes
Prawn and avocado nori rolls
Caramelized onion tart with seared prawn
Bilini topped with avocado cream and pepper prawn
BBQ Scallops on pesto goats cheese tarts
Nori rolls with poached scallop
Chilled scallops Mediterranean
Herb bruschetta eggplant pate BBQ scallop
Salmon or tuna tatare in mini bagel
Potato rosti smoked salmon cream cheese and dill
Smoked salmon on rye with caper salsa
Smoked salmon and sundried tomato roulard
Smoked mussel on cheese and herb tart
Seafood terrine encrout
Morton bay bugs poached in Thai spices
Seafood jellies black olives

Meat and Poultry

Bruschetta with smoked chicken an herb mayonnaise
Basil and pepper bilini duck liver pate
Roasted mushroom filled with chicken and sage
Middle eastern chicken terrine red peppers
Mini bagels filled with sliced chicken avocado
Cajun chicken on corn bread chili salsa
Rare roast beef on Pasteur
Beef and rosemary pate on baked potato goats cheese
Bruschetta charred vegetables and chorizo
Pork and turkey terrine with mustard
Beef and zucchini on charred ciabatta
Cheese choux balls with chicken liver pate
Beef tartare on pepper wafers
Proscuito and rosemary quiche
Bacon and artichoke frittata
Garlic and rosemary lamb on baked potato
Duck and cashew terrine on herb bread
Tandori lamb in nahn bread with yogh art
Pork terrine wrapped in Cured ham with seeded mustard
Rare roast beef with horseradish cream on cheese wafer
Slices of honey roasted pork on crispy rice paper 


Mini bagel avocado, bocconcini, dried tomato and pesto
Sundried tomato and basil roulade
Californian rolls
Curry muffin with eggplant mousse
Marinated bruschetta olive pesto and blue cheese
Mini rye bagget blue cheese and pear
Middle eastern couscous cakes
Potato an parmesan rosti red peppers and olives
Caramelized onion and goats cheese tarts
Pesto filled mushroom
Olive and gruyere cheese rolls
Red pepper and parmesan milfurre
Baked ricotta and herb cakes
Shallot and eggplant pate on sesame wafers
Vietnamese rice paper rolls
Walnut and oregano pate on dark rye toast
Spiced rice wrapped in vine leaves
Sesame and onion filled mushroom
Herb and garlic bread with olive tepanade
Herb crepe filled with boiled egg spinach and aioli
Mini pizza with boloti bean and red pesto

Petit Fours

Mini lemon curd tarts
Chocolate dipped shortbread
Fresh fruit platter
Flourless orange cake
Fresh strawberries in white chocolate
White chocolate and lemon truffles
Mini chocolate mousse pie
Caramel hazelnut tart
Passion fruit bavouir on butter biscuits
Orange and ginger syrup cake
Berry crepes with vanilla custard cream
Choux balls with chocolate custard
Hazelnut meringue fresh fruit
White and dark chocolate dipped strawberries
Raspberry and frangelico cream tart
Pecan and baileys roulade



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