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Full Menu

Breakfast Packages

Breakfast Package 1 - Plated (minimum 10 guests)                $18.50
Eggs either scrambled or fried
Thickly sliced sourdough toast
Crispy bacon
Roasted tomatoes
Sautéed spinach

Breakfast Package 2 - Buffet (minimum 15 guests)              $21.50
Eggs either scrambled or fried
Thickly sliced sourdough toast
Crispy bacon
Roasted tomatoes
Sautéed spinach
Fresh fruit

Breakfast Package 3 - Buffet (minimum 15 guests)              $25.00
Eggs either scrambled or fried
Thickly sliced sourdough toast
Crispy bacon
Roasted tomatoes
Sautéed spinach
Fresh fruit

Breakfast Package 4 - Buffet (minimum 15 guests)              $30.00
Pastries – croissants and danishes
Eggs scrambled and fried
Thickly sliced sourdough toast
Crispy bacon
Roasted tomatoes
Sautéed spinach
Fresh fruit

Conferencing Package

Package 1 $35.00


Morning Tea






Afternoon Tea


Selection of gourmet cookies
Fresh fruit platters
Sweet muffins
Tea and instant coffee

Selection of fresh sandwiches
Fresh fruit salad
Roasted herb chicken
Garden salad
Fruit juice, tea, instant coffee

Vegetable frittata
Selection of slices
Fruit juice, tea and instant coffee

Package 2 $40.00


Morning Tea







Afternoon Tea


Fresh fruit and savory muffins
Warm Danishes
Selection of cookies
Tea, plunger coffee and juice

Fresh bread rolls
Fruit platters
Warm Thai beef on crisp greens
Pasta with herbs fresh tomato and feta
Selection of filled occasion
Tea, Percolated coffee and juices

Scones with jam and double cream
Fresh fruit salad
Platter of fresh sushi
Tea, percolated coffee and juices

Package 3 $45.50


Morning Tea







Afternoon Tea


Olive and feta bread with herb cream
Selection of fresh cookies and muffins
Bruschetta with smoked salmon and dill sour cream
Fresh fruit platter

Seafood paella
Stir fry chicken with seasonal vegetables and cashew nuts
Oregano and parmesan bread
Pumpkin and pine nut salad with herb dressing
Open sandwiches with selected toppings
Flourless nut and chocolate cake with double cream
Fresh fruit salad

Bacon and spinach frittata
Fresh sushi platter
Fresh fruit
Warm tomato and proscuito bread


Roaming Food

To Start

Choice of 6 items of canapés from canapé list



Roaming food

Choice of 4 of the following



Singapore chicken or beef noodle box
Prawn and scallop cajun kebabs
Half size hamburgers with tomato relish
Fish and chip cones fresh lemon
Small bowl pea and prawn risotto
Mini seafood pie
Pumpkin gnocchi with salmon and dill cream
Mini yum cha plate
Roast beef on tomato salsa and ciabata
Moroccan lamb skewers
Wild mushroom crepes
Prawn and scallop gyoza
Spinach pumpkin and goats cheese frittata
Smoked salmon on herb piklet and horseradish
Thai seafood curry with jasmine rice
Stir fry hoi sin vegetable box

To Finish

A selection of 3 homemade sweets chosen from petit four list

The above option is available for $50 per person

Hot Canapés


Oysters kilpatrick
Oysters with red pepper and herb sabayon
Oysters with goats cheese and chili soufflé
Fried oysters with wasabi mayonnaise
Prawns with cured Italian style ham
Prawns in rice paper
Prawn and ginger dumplings
Prawn and chicken cakes
Thai prawn cakes
Scallop and ginger spring roll
Scallop and herb tart
Scallop on flaky pastry with blue cheese
Scallop and prawn calzone
Scallops wrapped in proscuito
Crab and noodle balls
Curry crab and chickpea cakes
Thai chicken and crab cakes
Mini scallop and herb pie
Coconut and chili fish cakes
Thai fish cakes
Thai seafood wontons
Salmon and goats cheese tart
Vietnamese chicken and prawn wonton
Soy and honey fish kebabs
Prawn and panchetta mini pizza
Seafood samosas

Meat and Poultry

Smoked chicken and mushroom tart
Chicken and artichoke filo
Chicken and bamboo shoot wonton
Vietnamese chicken rice paper roll
Chicken empanada
Chicken and asparagus pie
Filled chicken wings with cashew nuts
Beef and rosemary pie
Beef and mustard kebab
Beef and walnut rolls
Curry beef and chickpea cakes
Roasted beef on baked chat potato and romano cheese
Poached Chinese beef balls
Beef and red bean empanada
Chili beef on herb pizza base
Lamb and sage pie
Spiced lamb balls cajun style
Tandori lamb on crispy polenta
Lamb and olive pizza
Roasted lamb on tomato tart
Lamb and potato satay balls
Spicy kangaroo on date and pepper toast
Kangaroo and pepper rolls
Mini beef and venison burgers with onion marmalade
Duck confit tart
Duck and leek pie
Duck and Szechwan pepper pie
Pork and sage cheese balls
Moroccan pork cakes
Roasted pork samosas


Baked goats cheese and mushroom tart
Potato and asparagus pie
Vegetable spring roll
Baked curry scrolls
Water chestnut and ginger wonton
Oven roasted and pesto tart
Sundried tomato and parmesan puffs
Mini quiches with spinach and ricotta
Vegetable samosas
Cheese and spinach rolls
Pumpkin and olive pizza
Corn and coriander fritters
Pea and basil pancake with stilton
Mushroom and asparagus crepes
Celeriac and potato rosti with horseradish
Pumpkin croquet with almond crust
Shitake mushroom and spring onion dumplings
Mini red pepper calzone
Deep fried feta crumbed in herbs and lemon



Cold Canapés


Oyster with Thai spices
Oyster with 'Bloody Mary' topping
Oyster with Mediterranean salsa
Oysters chili mayonnaise
Oysters wasabi mayonnaise
Oysters on rye raspberry vinaigrette
Poached prawn on crispy mushroom bread
Chili Prawns, avocado mousse on crispy ciabatta
Cajun prawn on corn bread sweet salsa
Prawn and basil roulade
Prawn and ginger rice paper wrappes
Prawn and avocado nori rolls
Caramelized onion tart with seared prawn
Bilini topped with avocado cream and pepper prawn
BBQ Scallops on pesto goats cheese tarts
Nori rolls with poached scallop
Chilled scallops Mediterranean
Herb bruschetta eggplant pate BBQ scallop
Salmon or tuna tatare in mini bagel
Potato rosti smoked salmon cream cheese and dill
Smoked salmon on rye with caper salsa
Smoked salmon and sundried tomato roulard
Smoked mussel on cheese and herb tart
Seafood terrine encrout
Morton bay bugs poached in Thai spices
Seafood jellies black olives

Meat and Poultry

Bruschetta with smoked chicken an herb mayonnaise
Basil and pepper bilini duck liver pate
Roasted mushroom filled with chicken and sage
Middle eastern chicken terrine red peppers
Mini bagels filled with sliced chicken avocado
Cajun chicken on corn bread chili salsa
Rare roast beef on Pasteur
Beef and rosemary pate on baked potato goats cheese
Bruschetta charred vegetables and chorizo
Pork and turkey terrine with mustard
Beef and zucchini on charred ciabatta
Cheese choux balls with chicken liver pate
Beef tartare on pepper wafers
Proscuito and rosemary quiche
Bacon and artichoke frittata
Garlic and rosemary lamb on baked potato
Duck and cashew terrine on herb bread
Tandori lamb in nahn bread with yogh art
Pork terrine wrapped in cured ham with seeded mustard
Rare roast beef with horseradish cream on cheese wafer
Slices of honey roasted pork on crispy rice paper 


Mini bagel avocado, bocconcini, dried tomato and pesto
Sundried tomato and basil roulade
Californian rolls
Curry muffin with eggplant mousse
Marinated bruschetta olive pesto and blue cheese
Mini rye bagget blue cheese and pear
Middle eastern couscous cakes
Potato an parmesan rosti red peppers and olives
Caramelized onion and goats cheese tarts
Pesto filled mushroom
Olive and gruyere cheese rolls
Red pepper and parmesan milfurre
Baked ricotta and herb cakes
Shallot and eggplant pate on sesame wafers
Vietnamese rice paper rolls
Walnut and oregano pate on dark rye toast
Spiced rice wrapped in vine leaves
Sesame and onion filled mushroom
Herb and garlic bread with olive tepanade
Herb crepe filled with boiled egg spinach and aioli
Mini pizza with boloti bean and red pesto

Petit Fours

Mini lemon curd tarts
Chocolate dipped shortbread
Fresh fruit platter
Flourless orange cake
Fresh strawberries in white chocolate
White chocolate and lemon truffles
Mini chocolate mousse pie
Caramel hazelnut tart
Passion fruit bavouir on butter biscuits
Orange and ginger syrup cake
Berry crepes with vanilla custard cream
Choux balls with chocolate custard
Hazelnut meringue fresh fruit
White and dark chocolate dipped strawberries
Raspberry and frangelico cream tarts
Pecan and baileys roulade



Chinese noodle and cashew with soy dressing
Fresh garden leaves
Tomato, bocconcini and red onion
Pumpkin pine nut and spinach
Chat potato sour cream and chive
Crisp baby coz, crouton and panchetta
Sean’s red cabbage coleslaw
Mediterranean vegetable
Rocket parmesan and roasted pepper
Fresh herb and tabouli

For The BBQ

Calamari with lime and pepper
Cajun fish kebabs
Lamb and hazelnut burgers
Middle eastern chickpea patties
Teriyaki chicken
King prawns
Marinated pork spare ribs
Prawn and scallop kebabs
Herb marinated porterhouse
Lamb steak filled with olives and parmesan
Pesto marinated chicken breast
Whole Atlantic salmon stuffed with seasonal herbs, lemon, tomato and olives
Rosemary and garlic lamb rack

All BBQ’s are served with a selection of SEAN'S handmade breads

Function Menu

To Start With

Pan seared scallops wrapped in proscuitto ham on Jerusalem artichoke puree
Seared kangaroo fillet with tartlet of vine ripened tomato basil and sheep’s feta, balsamic reduction
Wonton of cashew and turkey in a broth of miso and shitake mushroom
Blue mussel and tomato pie laced with saffron and chili
Caramelized onion and goats cheese pativie , frizze salad and tomato vinaigrette
Chicken and spinach croquet with sage and anchovie butter
Prawns crusted with sesame on seaweed and cucumber salad
Gravlax of tuna with warm polenta pudding
Potato and blue cheese soup with pepper bread
Ravioli of scallop and lemon with basil butter
Roulade of chicken rolled with rosemary and spinach on a bed of cucumber and walnut salad
Shellfish bisque with scallops laced with pernod and sour cream
Blue mussel and tomato pie, hint of chili and saffron
Smoked salmon and prawn salad with fennel and rocket and dill dressing
Duck and spinach terrine with a chutney of figs and port
Honey and thyme roasted lamb on cheese and herb Danish
Cappacio of beef with radish and cucumber salad and tomato oil
Crispy polenta and roasted pepper stack with walnut and basil pesto
Steamed seafood dumplings with Thai dipping sauce
Sashimi of tuna avocado nori roll and ponzu dipping sauce
Crispy proscuito on green pea and blue cheese risotto cake
Blackened yams on tomato and avocado salad lime and onion dressing


For Your Main Meal

Guinness and red wine braised ox tail wrapped in flaky pastry with seasonal greens and fresh made relish
Slow braised lamb stuffed with wild mushroom farce on spinach, pumpkin and horseradish rosti with muscat and cherry jus
Confit of duck served in parmesan and potato tart pepper and leek reduction
Blackened beef with puree of fetta and corn, caramelized onion marmalade baby beet leaves
Fillet of chicken filled with eggplant and sage on buttered potato steamed snowpeas and drizzled with cider vinegar
Tasmanian salmon steak salted with lime and celery salt on terrine of chorizo and kipfler potato with lime aioli
Homemade pumpkin gnocchi with garlic prawns and olives
Slow braised lamb shank on Jerusalem artichoke mash and red wine reduction
Peppered tuna rare seared on rocket and horseradish salad with coriander salsa
Fillet of pork with seeded mustard, smoked ham and celeriac rosti, black cherry jus
Baked terrine of potato, spinach, eggplant and peppers served on a spiced tomato sauce
Slow roasted maryland of duck on a celeriac and parmesan rosti cabernet jus
Lamb medallions crusted with sage and onion on spinach and snow pea salad
Sweet and spiced pork cutlet on corn and coriander fritters with Szechwan pepper sauce
Salad of honey pumpkin cashews, and grilled whitlof with garlic croutons and parsley salsa
Slow roasted lamb shoulder with crispy parsnip cakes braised cabbage and onion pan jus
Filo of goats cheese and zucchini with aniseed and pear relish
Slow braised pork hocks on a puree of potato and feta with pan jus

To Finish

Warm plum and date tart with orange ice-cream
Moccocino chocolate indulgence almond shortbreads
Lemon and cardamom tart
Butterscotch pudding with sour apple sauce
Choux balls filled with coffee mousse berry sauce spun sugar
Red wine poached pears stare anise custard
Date and hazelnut dacquoise bitter chocolate sauce
Strawberry gelato with almond wafers
Banana mascarpone cake peanut brittle
Triple chocolate terrine with blackberry compote
Fresh seasonal fruits vodka and cinnamon sabayon
Baked ricotta and chocolate cake with bourbon chocolate sauce
Mango and lime brule tart
Almond shortbread stack with fresh strawberry, chocolate baileys mousse
Caramelized orange and treacle tart with cream fraice


Kids Menu (under six)
Choose 3 items from each course $15

Served on platter

Mini sandwiches with chicken, vegemite, peanut butter, ham, cucumber, tuna, Cheese or lettuce and tomato
Home made sausage rolls
Homemade mini pies
Sean’s own crumbed chicken pieces
Battered fresh fish pieces
Mini cheese quiches
Mini homemade pizza’s
Sean’s potato and cheese balls
Fairy bread

Something Sweet

Mini cup cakes
Chocolate marshmallow slice
Jelly and smarty tartlets
Honey and peanut crackle (or without nuts)
Mixed lolly cup
Chocolate mousse


We are happy to Personalise all your catering needs

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