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Hot Canapés


Oysters kilpatrick
Oysters with red pepper and herb sabayon
Oysters with goats cheese and chili soufflé
Fried oysters with wasabi mayonnaise
Prawns with cured Italian style ham
Prawns in rice paper
Prawn and ginger dumplings
Prawn and chicken cakes
Thai prawn cakes
Scallop and ginger spring roll
Scallop and herb tart
Scallop on flaky pastry with blue cheese
Scallop and prawn calzone
Scallops wrapped in proscuito
Crab and noodle balls
Curry crab and chickpea cakes
Thai chicken and crab cakes
Mini scallop and herb pie
Coconut and chili fish cakes
Thai fish cakes
Thai seafood wontons
Salmon and goats cheese tart
Vietnamese chicken and prawn wonton
Soy and honey fish kebabs
Prawn and panchetta mini pizza
Seafood samosas

Meat and Poultry

Smoked chicken and mushroom tart
Chicken and artichoke filo
Chicken and bamboo shoot wonton
Vietnamese chicken rice paper roll
Chicken empanada
Chicken and asparagus pie
Filled chicken wings with cashew nuts
Beef and rosemary pie
Beef and mustard kebab
Beef and walnut rolls
Curry beef and chickpea cakes
Roasted beef on baked chat potato and romano cheese
Poached Chinese beef balls
Beef and red bean empanada
Chili beef on herb pizza base
Lamb and sage pie
Spiced lamb balls cajun style
Tandori lamb on crispy polenta
Lamb and olive pizza
Roasted lamb on tomato tart
Lamb and potato satay balls
Spicy kangaroo on date and pepper toast
Kangaroo and pepper rolls
Mini beef and venison burgers with onion marmalade
Duck confit tart
Duck and leek pie
Duck and Szechwan pepper pie
Pork and sage cheese balls
Moroccan pork cakes
Roasted pork samosas


Baked goats cheese and mushroom tart
Potato and asparagus pie
Vegetable spring roll
Baked curry scrolls
Water chestnut and ginger wonton
Oven roasted and pesto tart
Sundried tomato and parmesan puffs
Mini quiches with spinach and ricotta
Vegetable samosas
Cheese and spinach rolls
Pumpkin and olive pizza
Corn and coriander fritters
Pea and basil pancake with stilton
Mushroom and asparagus crepes
Celeriac and potato rosti with horseradish
Pumpkin croquet with almond crust
Shitake mushroom and spring onion dumplings
Mini red pepper calzone
Deep fried feta crumbed in herbs and lemon



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